Top 5 Features That Are Vital To Your Ecommerce Website!

Top 5 Features That Are Vital To Your Ecommerce Website!

Sales! It happens every time or maybe billions of time per day. B2B e-commerce sites undergo a trade of billions and trillions of dollars. And that’s what keeps a b2b ecommerce business dominates over other one. If your ecommerce site is roaring with plenty of sales, then it’s good! But, if it’s not, your b2b ecommerce store might be lacking something. It could be a less robust b2b ecommerce solution or a result of poor b2b ecommerce platforms comparison.

Well, whatever it is, we will suggest you some b2b platforms examples like Shopify b2b platform, Magento, Hybris, and Netsuite.  As partnering with a right platform can lead your venture to path of increased sales and improvised customer exposure.

How all of this is achievable for your b2b ecommerce site?

There are top 5 features that majority of b2b entrepreneurs have discovered the crucial ones. Let’s have a look at them:

Customer registration

Unlike B2C, it is mandatory for b2b customers to register themselves on the site. This way they will be recognized as a known vendor and will be able to avail discounted deals as a wholesaler. Such deals are only available to wholesalers. Also, it enables the b2b website to hoard invoices and purchase orders.

Fast order

Allow your buyers to purchase on basis of what SKU they want to buy. Make it all simple.

Quote request

A vendor must need a quote to place their large orders. For this, a wholesale B2B platform should offer you with a quote request feature as it is more likely to double your sales.

Mobile ready

Undoubtedly, being mobile ready is an ultimate need of today. The way Google do listing of websites and ranks the site has got changed a lot. Being an entrepreneur, you need to seriously consider a B2B Ecommerce solution that can offer you with a mobile responsive site (a site that can automatically adjust to any screen).

Simple Navigation

End user doesn’t want to search pages and pages. Instead, they want ease and a site that’s simple to navigate. As soon as they find your site hard to navigate, the sooner they will click away. Take a look at online giants such as Amazon and AliBaba, what makes them so big? The way they think ease of their end user, and not about their own ease, makes them successful.

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